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Get your hands on this rare, newly discovered cannabinoid that is already making waves in the cannabis industry. With a myriad of potential therapeutic benefits including appetite suppressants, this unique cannabinoid is poised to be a staple in many households of those seeking long-term weight loss, and assistance with regulating blood sugar levels to name a few.  Without further ado, we present our newest addition to our family of the highest quality products, ICBD’s THCv! We’ve partnered with the best in the industry to bring you meticulously sourced, high-quality and safe THCV products. Similar to all of our premium grade hemp-derived products, THCV, is a cannabinoid naturally present in the cannabis plant (mostly in africian sativas) that has unique effects on the human body. In low to moderate doses, THCV is non-intoxicating – which means it has none of the psychoactive properties of THC, and actually mitigates some of the “high” THC delivers.  In higher doses, THCV does manifest its own psychoactive qualities – similar to THC, which are sometimes described as producing a clear-headed, euphoric state of mind.  If you’re looking for premium THCV products online and near you? Visit Intentional CBD online  or near you in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

* Disclaimer:  For Adults 18 and older. Prior to using any of our products, we suggest you consult with a qualified healthcare physician. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness or disease.

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THCV, or or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that although lesser known, and less prominent than THC and CBD –  it offers a myriad of unique effects and potential therapeutic benefits, from other cannabinoids and may limit the psychoactivity of THC.  Similar to our other products THCV is derived  from non GMO pesticide free cannabis grown on farms within the U.S. It is lab tested for purity, safety and quality. Interested in THCV shop here.

THCV works by binding to both CB1 and CB2 receptors, the most studied cannabinoid receptors in the body.  Unlike THC, which is largely responsible for “the munchies,” and is used by cancer patients and others to stimulate appetite, THCV may actually dull hunger and help with weight loss by blocking the receptor that triggers the hunger hormone. Studies have shown that THCV may increase energy expenditure — which means burning more calories. Other studies have shown that this cannabinoid can improve glucose tolerance and help regulate insulin levels to stabilize blood sugar levels. These findings led a leading journal on diabetes care to conclude that:

THCV could represent a new therapeutic agent in glycemic control in subjects with Type 2 diabetes.

A study done by Harvard Medical School, also concluded:

Subjects who reported using marijuana in the past month had lower levels of fasting insulin and HOMA-IR [insulin resistance], higher levels of HDL-C [high-density lipoprotein or ‘good’ cholesterol], as well as smaller waist circumference.

Which may be the reason why regular cannabis users are less likely to be obese than the general population.


THCV is only psychoactive on its own if you take a very large amount of it. However, if you smoke cannabis flower high in THCV, it will also contain THC and the THC will get you high.

THCV when consumed in low doses, is non intoxicating (non psychoactive) and known to produce a more motivated, alert and energizing feelings of euphoria. For this reason, it is often recommended for daytime or any time use when functionality is important. 

On the other hand, when THCV is consumed in a high dose – users report the same intoxicating feels as regular THC (delta-9). So if you’re not interested in experiencing THCV for it’s intoxicating (psychoactive) effects, we suggested starting  with a low dose to experience more of it’s medicinal benefits.

THCV shows great potential to improve a number of physical functions  One thing that has confused researchers, however, is the cannabinoid’s beneficial aspects at low doses while it has the opposite effect at higher levels. Though more research is needed to fully understand the scope of THCV’s effects on the human body, several studies, both on animal and human subjects, have identified a variety of potential therapeutic uses for the cannabinoid:

  • Anticonvulsant: A 2015 review published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics concluded that THCV may be able to reduce seizure activity in epileptic subjects
  • Anti-inflammatory: A 2010 study in the British Journal of Pharmacology found that THCV reduced inflammation and related pain in mice. 
  • Appetite-suppressant and glucose regulator: A review of existing studies published in 2020 by the Journal of Cannabis Research said THCV provides appetite suppression and glycemic control. The reviewed studies looked at obesity and diabetes in humans and mice. 
  • Bone growth stimulant: THCV is one of several cannabinoids that may promote bone health and healing, according to a study conducted on tissue samples and published in 2007 by Calcified Tissue International. 
  • Neuroprotective: A 2020 study on mice published in the journal Neurobiology of Disease concluded that THCV had neuroprotective properties that may be useful in treating Parkinson’s disease. Another 2020 study, in the British Journal of Pharmacology, said THCV showed potential in the treatment of neuroinflammation and Huntington’s disease

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Right here! You can purchase any THCV products on our website and have them shipped to your front door for free. We also have two service options: Local CBD Delivery and Curbside Pickup available to residents and visitors in our local community in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We’re also excited about new opportunities in which several retailers in the U.S. and Caribbean will be carrying our products as well—so stay tuned.

Outside of Intentional CBD, there are many grocery stores, and gas stations that may carry THCV Take caution, as many of the products found in these places contain some questionable ingredients that might not provide any benefits that you desire and can even make you ill. It’s always best practice to research a reputable brand , like Intentional CBD, and look for lab reports before committing to purchasing THCV and other products.

Sure!  Buying online is a simply way to know you’re getting a real THCV product. When you buy online, you can purchase from a respected company like Intentional CBD, and feel confident you’re getting premium products at an affordable price.

Yes for some and unfortunately no for others.

You can receive our THCV products in the mail depending on which state you reside. THCV isn’t legal in all states, Prior to purchasing any of our THCV products, call your state, to find out it’s legal status. Intentional CBD will not be liable or responsible for any purchases shipped to a state that does not accept THCV products. You hold full responsibility if your product is shipped to a state where THCV is not legal.  

Looking for premium grade THCV products near me? Yes, Intentional CBD offers THCV for retail and wholesale throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) with local delivery on St. Thomas, St. John, and Water Island and free shipping to St. Croix. Residing or visiting the USVI? Call us at (678) 404-9398; interested in carrying our products? Contact us via email at: we’re happy to help! tent