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Intentional CBD Premium Grade CBD Hemp Flower & Prerolls are one of the perfect ways to enjoy our wide selections of full-spectrum strains. Breath easy with these smooth, balance, and deeply aromatic products. They offer a sense of calm and relaxation while others will have you feeling uplifted and elevated – one thing is for sure, it won’t disappoint.

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Prerolls are consumer-ready joints prepared by a brand, dispensary, or cannabis vendor that eliminates the hassle of grinding, rolling, and sealing cannabis flower into a splif.
Which is better to buy flower or prerolls
It really depends on the individual needs of a person. New smokers and smokers on-the-go gravitate towards purchasing based on convenience and ease of use - therefore making prerolls ideal. Then, there are veteran smokers who appreciate going through the motions of preparing their joints and only want flowers.
How many grams are in each preroll?
The size of each preroll is mention on the product page. However are prerolls are usually 1.5 grams each, with the exception of our newest preroll the Caviar which is 1 gram.
What sizes do you offer in your premium flowers?
The sizes are available on the product page of each premium flower. However, we usually offer our customers 3.5 grams - 1/8oz, 7 grams-1/4 oz, 14grams -1/2 oz and 28 grams - 1 oz.