Did you know that women and men tend to take CBD for slightly different reasons? 

What’s more, they’ve been doing so for centuries — perhaps without even realizing it. In this article, CBD & Women’s Health, we’ll be diving deep into how CBD can benefit women in particular! 

  • Hemp & women: a shared history
  • CBD & hormonal balance
  • Can parents take CBD?
  • CBD-powered skincare

Hemp & Women: A Shared History

Of all the world’s ancient cultures, ancient Asia seemed most attuned to hemp’s health benefits. They even had a dedicated hemp Goddess, Magu, who was known to heal the sick and feed the poor with hemp-infused elixirs. Magu also used hemp herself, which might partially explain the age-defying, youthful appearance she still has today.

Another thing early Asianic cultures seemed to get right: they tended to classify plants as either yin or yang — feminine or masculine. Hemp was decidedly yin, these cultures learned through experience, though it would be thousands of years until modern research would uncover why. 

CBD & Hormonal Balance

CBD appears to facilitate hormonal balance for both men and women, but for women, this type of hormone regulation is especially helpful. CBD’s ability to reduce hormones like cortisol, for example, benefits women in particular, because they’re often more sensitive to this stress hormone than men are.

And this example is just the start. Many cannabinoids seem to be slightly estrogenic — i.e., capable of raising estrogen levels — which makes them an obvious choice for many women. Cannabinoids like THC, in turn, seem to become stronger in the presence of estrogen, which might explain why men traditionally smoke more cannabis than women. Regardless of whether you do or don’t enjoy the type of upliftment that comes from THC, however, don’t miss out on CBD’s much gentler set of benefits! 

Can Parents Take CBD?

More good news, for all you women out there who double as moms: CBD can be safely used by parents. 

“There really is nothing quite like becoming a Mom,” Mommyish says (likely knowingly). “It’s a mix of amazing, miraculous, frustrating, scary, and pretty much every emotion in between.”

Being a mom is challenging, sure — but it can become a little less stressful with CBD. Many moms say it’s helped them leave anxiety and fear behind. “I have a husband who has a high-demand job with long hours and travel, so I am the one taking the kids to and from school, to gymnastics, to swimming,” Ohio mom Jo Highland tells MarketWatch. “On a day I know it’s going to be high stress, I say, ‘Let me grab a [CBD-infused] seltzer’ […it] makes me feel really calm and takes my anxiety from a 10 to a 4.”

CBD may also benefit the biochemical basis for that mother-child love: oxytocin. The body’s levels of this special love hormone tend to rise whenever anandamide levels do — and guess what’s been shown time and time again to boost anandamide? CBD! Consider trying out CBD for yourself if you’re interested in bringing this link from theory to practice.

The only bad thing about moms who wish to take CBD around their kids? Potential stigma. Having been conflated with marijuana/cannabis for far too long, some parents may find themselves judged for their choice to take CBD — even if they take it for parenting-centric reasons. 

“CBD Lures Stressed-Out Parents Looking to Unwind,” states the headline of this New York Times article, almost as if the compound were some type of sentient being with a questionable intent. Such a conceptualization couldn’t be much further for reality!  

CBD-powered Skincare

We’ll end this article on a high note by mentioning one more CBD-backed benefit: it’s simply great for your skin. 

That’s partially because skin health is a reflection of something deeper — you know, what’s going on on the inside and all. CBD-induced inner balance may well work itself outward and reveal itself as more smiles, fewer wrinkles, and a brighter glow…

…but there’s even more to it than that. CBD also activates both endocannabinoid and TRPV receptors in the skin, and this particular type of activation is known to reduce inflammatory responses, regulate sebum oil production, and more. One recent dermatological study attributed CBD’s “therapeutic potential” to its “immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory properties.” Turns out the cannabinoid promotes outer balance, too. 

Summing things up…

Feeling ready to embrace your feminine side? CBD might help with that — so check out these premium CBD products! Regardless of your gender, CBD could be just the thing needed to get your hormones all nice and balanced. 

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That’s it for now, Take Care!

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